Meet Kathleen

Meet Kathleen

I love stories. Books, movies, story songs. True or fiction, we are all here for the stories. Learning how to tell our own stories can make us sad or happy, and guides us to success or failure.

In my own story, I’ve had several careers so far, all of which I consider successes. Why? Those careers supported me, taught me, introduced me to interesting people who made my life richer. They allowed me to explore myself, develop my talents, test my limits.

In 2017, I picked up a paint brush for the first time since I tried a paint by numbers at the age of 10. But this time it was different. I've discovered a world of creativity and peace all in one. I hope you enjoy my displays.

I have been involved in information systems development for 27 years now, currently hold a CIO title for a small company, but mostly as a business analyst, although I’ve held several positions in the software development cycle, and project management which aids my perspective on the product cycle.

I’m currently involved in 3 exciting product roll outs for healthcare and financial services for Vibizon Technology, Inc.

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